Jasmine Rice

Here’s a piece of interesting information for you! This aromatic gem is unlike the rest of the grain family.  Jasmine rice has a slew of health benefits:

-Promotes quick and restful sleep
-Has 8 percent of your daily iron needed in just one serving
-helps aid in healthy digestion
-brown jasmine rice is better for loosing weight
-both white and brown jasmine rice have low-sodium

Looking for some easy and cost effective recipes with Jasmine rice?

Just one serving (either brown or white) jasmine rice bring to a boil until water is mostly absorbed. Add 1 vegetable bouillon cube. let it sit on the stove and cover on low heat for five min then remove from stove and let it cool. Add some Himalayan organic sea salt and you’re good to go! Eli and I were just enjoying this scrumptious midmorning snack.




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