Poolside Fit Fun

Toddlers have to be the most fun to be around in a pool, hands down. From teaching them to swim and close their excited mouths before dunking to chasing mommy around the pool, this is a great way to get your exercise on an ‘off’ day!

The backstroke strengthens the arms and legs while fully concentrating on your steady path behind you.

The front stroke can help strengthen your core, legs and arms as well.

And not only do you get to experience the physical benefits of leisurely swimming, the emotional benefits are satisfying as well. Swimming can alleviate stress through the constant sensation and sounds of water and the elements around you. According to the Arthritis Foundation:
Builds Cardio respiratory and muscle mass
A healthy and safe alternative when injured
Can burn between 500-600 calories an hour

Ah we love pool time ! We try to get out at least once a day. Not only does it make for a relaxing evening with tiered babies, but bring us close together as family:)



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