Morning Reflections & Thankfulness

I was having a brief conversation with one of my girlfriends last night. I’m in my favorite super market around here, The Fresh Market, when I notice the exasperation in her voice. As she’s talking about everyday life, children, work, husband, downtime, I hear her concern for what she wants to do with her life, her career and her family.  I couldn’t help but feel exactly as she felt. And I completely understand where she is coming from because, at one point, I was there.

My best friend of 15 is finally having her first child. I am over the moon elated about this. Her shower was last Saturday and she failed to give me advanced notice so that I would come up for it (we live in two different states). She had forgotten to tell me! She assumed I wouldn’t be able to make and literally forgot! She forgot because she is not only pregnant and dealing with a range of emotions, but because this almost 9 month pregnant, selfless hardworking woman is working close to three jobs. She has been stressed for 9 months.

My Aunt. She is hardworking, has a lot of inside luxury as well as a beautiful car. She got offered another nice job. We rarely see her anymore because, in order for her to keep what she has, she had to take a job that is 5 hours from us. So, not only does she have to two homes to take care of, she can’t enjoy the beautiful home she has here because she spends a lot of that time in another city, working a job that she isn’t too fond of. She once said this to my mother (who is a business owner at Eat The Tea in Ft Lauderdale Florida), “You chose to do something you love that doesn’t guarantee consistent income each week. I have guaranteed income every week because I chose to do something I have to do.” That hit me hard!

Which brings me to my point. Both of my friends and my aunt aren’t too happy about their current lifestyle and want to be happy in what they love to do. As a freelancer (trainer/writer/BA), I have learned a thing or two about the importance of knowing what you want out of life. Whether you have a big or small family or it is just you and your child(ren), it is more than possible for you to have it all! I do not miss having my luxurious to come home to (my nice t.v, my nice desktop computer, my really nice and expensive car, my LOUIS Vuitton handbag etc;).  Having those things is great if you can afford it and enjoy it! When I decided to have a family, I gave up those things so that not only I can have the luxury of being with my family and providing for them, but so I can teach my show that there is much more to life that being a slave of to job that you hate.

Serenity in the shore

So, our conversation ended while I was still in the supermarket and I realized that if I hadn’t have pushed myself to understand the true meaning of being able to ‘get paid for what you love to do’, I wouldn’t be as fulfilled. I am always growing in these industries (as you have to!) and I am learning that doing what you love, whatever that may be, is harder than taking a 9-5pm job! It takes dedication, your family cheering you on and tons of failures in order to know what you have to do to keep afloat. But it is possible! 🙂

Here is an excellent resource that has helped guide me into my career and taught me a slew of ways to combat fear and the ‘I think I will just give up!” mentality!


This girl really revamped my thinking, broadened my horizons and helped me think outside the box in terms of freelancing!


Need more advice or coaching? I’m all ears! Email me with any questions you have!




Cedar Ring Mama

My desk sits facing a large picture window where our backyard, acres and acres, stretches out over a gradual incline, topping off at the crest of a hill.  Mist has descended down from the hill, almost to our house. The ash tree just beyond the window is finally pushing forth new leaves; ash tend to be very late to awaken from their winter slumber.  I watch as the branches tremble when small winged guests make their landings, then groom themselves for a moment, and flit away.  The starling on an uppermost branch has quite the morning care ritual; so much tail feather shaking, under-wing preening, and looking about to see who may be watching.  Down below in the grass,  the dandelions have gone to seed and seem, in wispy globes, to be ghostlike orbs hovering- countless- everywhere.  Paired with the dense fog, the morning has an other-worldly quality. A bit…

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