Protein bars made easy!


So, I made the mistake of not bringing a snack to work with me on Friday night. That resulted in a drop in my blood sugar and ultimately lead to irritability which effected my sales!

Luckily, yesterday afternoon I remembered to make these delicious, protein-packed energy balls!

And what a great idea this was! I had a delicious snack that I just popped in my mouth while I was at work.


2 tbs of almond butter
1/2 cup water
1 tsp sesame seeds
2 heaping tablespoons of local organic honey
1 cup organic oats

It’s my own made-up recipe so you will have to alter the ingredients to make as much or as little as you want!
Put this ingredient in a food processor mix for about a minute or until the consistency is very moist and that you can roll individual balls or bars without any crumbling.
Get creative and use fun cookie cutters to make animal shapes:) pop them into the freezer for at least 45 Minutes then enjoy !

My suggestion would be to add some more flavor to them such as dates, figs
or something chocolatey. My husband says I might be on to something 🙂 he says I should call these “Serina’s Balls” but I told him that might be a little much 😉 thanks anyways, hun!



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