Are Your Vitamins Lying to You?


There are hundreds and hundreds of vitamins. There are also hundreds of vitamins brands to choose from. How do you know which ones right for you? And furthermore, how do you know that your vitamins are doing their job?!

Is highly important for you to be getting the necessary nutrients from food but that isn’t always possible for some people. That is why certain brands came out with supplemental whole-food based vitamins.

Here is a list of certain substances that are commonly found in certain vitamins. Stay away from them!

What to Look for in Your Vitamins

There are certain toxic substances to look out for when you choose a vitamin. They may not be harmful to you now, but in great amounts can pose a threat later on.

(Vitamin C) ascorbic acid– it’s not vitamin C!!

Maltodextrin- made from GMO corn

Hexane- extracted from soy and rice protein

Aluminum- this kind of aluminum is in its highest form and mainly detox products

Chinese herbs that contain lead and arsenic

Cheap vitamins from chain stores that contain inorganic materials – materials such as scrap metal or iron

Carrageenan- this chemical is in several generic products  (Silk creamer) and causes gastrointestinal inflammation

Acrylamides – these cancer-causing chemicals are produced during the cooking of carbohydrates such as fried foods.

Yeast extract and MSG- believe it or not they have taken MSG out of the label and replaced it with yeast extract . Yeast extract is disguised as MSG.

Green tea that contains fluoride- this is a no brainer. fluoride in high levels is extremely dangerous.

Titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate and many many more!

Although these substances can do damage when taken in small doses , all it takes is one time!

Make sure to check the back of your labels! I love Garden of Life and New Chapter because they pride on getting non GMO and organically grown food in there supplement without additives!



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