Still Fabulous!!!

I was asked to be a part of something spectacular!! At 9am on June 28th, miss Laura London herself invited us Fit and Fabulous Moms to the WRPBiTV station for an exclusive interview about being fit, fabulous, and just having fun on and offstage with some empowering, strong women. What a blessing!!


This year, the Fit and Fabulous Moms contest will be held in Boca Raton Florida on Sept 26.


Every mama needs to join!! It’s about having fun, being fit and healthy, showing your best self while showing off your family and feel inspired!


Best of all, you take a part of every mama’s empowering life changing story with you while making new friends. Every year, I meet new (and reoccurring) women who empower me and I leave with a glow.


I will showcase the interview as soon as it’s up! Here are some more pictures from our interview session.








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