Us- right now- Sunday fun day


Haha! I’m in the chaos of commotion, work, stress, but we always find ways connect and deal with it all.

Swain and I most definitely indulge in our favorite beverage every weekend, but we have gotten to the point where connection means more than anything… Even if that means sharing time with my little boy as he’s throwing his toy ball in the air and yelling, “baaaaaall”!!! Earlier, we had family craft time. This entire 30 minutes consisted of finger paints, construction paper, markers, glue, popsicle sticks, and fake eyeballs! It’s awesome:) I love this! Because he gives me a chance to be myself as a child again.


And shells… I have introduced him to a lot of shells. Various, beautiful, mysterious kinds right from our shores:) then I tell him that these shells came from the shores in which I spent time basking in the sunsets and was in intense labor with him. He won’t remember now, obviously but he will remember someday!


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