Couch Love

So, I’m at my sisters this week and I decided to use this couch as a prop for my workouts. Check this out…

You don’t need any equipment for these exercises but if you have some, by all means!


This was a little tricky so make sure you have a stable couch before you try this. Decline abdominal crunches are excellent in themselves but these particular ones can be done on any cushioned sofa or couch to challenge your core the same way as if you would on a weight bench.


Ah pushups…a girls bff!! Decline pushups with feet on the arm of the couch to give yourself a challenge, strengthen your core and especially build muscle in your chest. If you’re a mom (or a weight loss graduate like my self also), you are probably concerned about the chest area! pushups will decrease sagging in the chest by building those pectoral muscles!! Don’t worry, you will not get massive pecks;)


I used my kettle bells for added weight. Try to have a straight back as much as possible, going up and down. Make sure your knee isn’t going past your toes! (OK, MOM!;))

Don’t count reps just go until failure, taking a 50 second break in between, three sets each exercise!!


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