3 Reasons Why Calendula Flowers Should Exist in Your Life

This is one powerful little plant; little flower with delicate leaves that produces a radiant glow and fragrance and is packed with more nutritional benefits than you think..

Calendula Flowers: The Silent Miracle Herb


Calendula flowers, also known as marigold or garden marigold, are especially good for inflammation, are antimicrobial, an astringent, antifungal and antiviral!!

Your New Garden Helper

Although, this simple flower has such a big impact on everyday life, it’s flowery parts also play a big helpful role in your gardening! From aphids, eelworms, and asparagus beetles, to tomato hornworms and more, this miracle plant can exterminate the toughest of insect!!

Skin Care

When Calendula flower parts are extracted into an oil, you can use it on just about any skin imperfection. From acne to insect bits, add the oil to your favorite (all natural/organic) lotion and apply it to the wound to stop bleeding and promote new skin growth.

A Mouthful!

Weight loss, anxiety, digestion and improved memory are all ailments that the Calendula flower helps heal, when added to food or hot beverages. It’s especially beneficial for sore throats!


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