Calling All Super Hero’s!

One of the many aspects of joining a small organization in my community is the chance to be apart of big events, raise money (and awareness), and ultimately touch someone’s life…OK three aspects haha! 

In Ft Lauderdale Florida, we have an amazing selfless group of hands on volunteers, social workers and child protective advocates that are so close knit together and with the children that they help. Remember, the children now will someday be our teachers, doctors, and parents themselves. It is important to have a positive impact on them

That being said, KIDS is a whirlwind opportunity, for both the workers and child victims. Such a special place to call ‘home’. I am honored to give to this company. On August 2, 2014 they have their annual 5k. Lots of prizes, giveaways, games and food for kids and adults.


So if you live in south Florida, register to be apart of a good thing! All proceeds go to the kids for food, school supplies and the many projects that KIDS brings forth each month.

Can’t be a part of this event but want to donate anyway? Donations are always accepted! Visit them here to find out how!

Thank you so so SO much, in advance!!!

We love our kids:)



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