The Reality that You Are


I’ve come across this movement that has generated/is generating some social media discussions that relate heavily to the topic, -being happy/comfortable in your own skin. I love that there is such a positive vibe and following for ‘acceptance’. While it may be highly supported on most spectrum’s with friends and groups coming together (plus size modeling, being heavier and learning to love your body no matter what the media tells you, ect;), it isn’t practical thinking for most women!

Get Real
I have always been thin and healthy and in shape from my late teens until now. I’ve had to work for it, but it came a little easier back before my son versus now. 9 months after my sons birth, I regressed into this sad, binge eating and in denial type of person that gained a lot more weight than I had ever dreamed of. Needless to say I climbed out of that rut because I had to in order to feel like myself again. During those long, depressing months I would often hear people say to me, “You need to just be happy how you are now! Stop trying to go back to the way you looked before because you’re a mom now and everything is going to be different.” While they were spot on with the ‘different’ part, they were dead wrong about me. I wasn’t happy no matter how many times that I tried to ‘accept’ my ‘new body’. So, one day I sat down with my husband, spilled everything that I had been feeling, and you know what he said? “Let’s do something about it.” do something about it. Biiiig, strong words those were. And then, we did. I got more active, with his motivation and support and the support of other close friends of mine, I overcame my fear.

Be completely honest with yourself when it comes to how you’re feeling. I loathed those moments when I needed to explain why I was moving in a better direction. Get completely real in all raw forms and if you want to change, others should always be supportive and motivating, not encouraging you to ‘accept’ a lifestyle if you aren’t happy.


When All Else Fails, Cardio!

Run in place, HIIT, dance wildly to some Latino music in your own home, chase your kids up and down the stairs (carefully)/around your home/in the backyard, etc;…So many different ways to expend your energy and lose those negative feelings with any cardiovascular activity. My blast of cardio was intense hiking, which prompted some major weight loss. Not only will you feel like you have sweated all that you had eaten 4 days prior, but you will experience the hormones and endorphins that produce those happy, productive feelings.


Beauty Can be How You Truly Feel
It certainly should be how you feel, in all aspects and crevices of life. You know what you want and what you don’t. Others should be uplifting and encouraging in your decision to change your lifestyle, I can’t stress that enough. I know when I am losing weight, eating healthy and lifting, my mood and confidence level is sky high!



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