5 Stress Saving Techniques that you Shouldn’t Live Without

Skin brushing

Start from your feet, dry brushing in circular motions towards the heart, skin brushing increases blood flow, cell turn over, circulation, helps flush toxins and gets rid of cellulite! Upon waking and just before bed is an ideal time to dry brush.


Self explanatory! Take a 20 min sea salt and peppermint lavender bath once ever few days! Feel the difference:)

Essential oils

Finding the right essential oils that will do the job is like finding a needle in a haystack! There are too many companies that tell you that their product will work for everybody, but that’s usually not the case. The best places to find the purest extracts of natural essential oils is Young Living, Mountain Rose Herbs, and your local health food store that sells locally made blends of essential oils.

Acupressure mat


I don’t know how many times that I’ve said praises about this wonderful, inexpensive object, but you will need to get one and experience it for yourself. The Sunrise mat is only $10-$15 on Amazon.com! When you lay (bare) on your back, stomach, sit or stand barefoot, it releases hormones that relax you by applying pressure to those pressure points, much like the effects of acupuncture. I usually lay on it during my sons nap time or before I go to bed. The energy rush is incredible when I need that extra boost during the day.

Monthly massages

I get a monthly massage because it improves my athletic performance and the ability to perform better at work. It’s also an excellent stress reliever. I know that it can get quite pricey, and finding the right masseuse to do the job can also become very tiresome. Places that offer coupons such as Groupon and Living Social are excellent places to get your feet wet at a promotional cost. Another option that I find highly beneficial is finding a beauty school within your area with the highest ratings about their clinic. For the most part, Beauty Schools will have an in-school salon so that students can get all of their clinic hours before they graduate. I have the best luck with a student masseuse at a local Natural Health college right around the corner from my house! Altogether, tip and cost of massage was under $30!



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