Suck it Up!

I’ve it a wall in my fitness, unable to push myself through this level in which I feel stagnant.


As a fitness trainer myself, I’ve pushed and encouraged and celebrated others’ accomplishments but for myself I find it to be difficult to get where I want to be.


That being said, I’ve hired one of the best qualified trainers in Rochester NY to train me via long distance. Eating has always been my downfall, and I go through food like the end of the world is here…which in turn costs us at least $80 in groceries every other day. No bueno.


So, for the next 10-16 weeks, I’ll be showcasing bits and pieces of my progression. So.freaking. pumped!




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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

One thought on “Suck it Up!”

  1. I’m happy for you Serina. Today presents new challenges and so will tomorrow. You are never done until you let yourself be. Im looking forward to sharing your transformation

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