Get Mad

I know I’m not the only one who has a bad day (obviously), and has a bad day turn into a bad week. You’re a grateful individual with a wonderful life, right? You may or may not love your job, car, financial state but for the most part, you’re pretty content and happy and positive in your life.

That’s me. Completely positive. All. The. Time.

Until last week when my worlds collided with each other and I found myself driving home from work crying my eyeballs out. Obviously, there isn’t anything in my life that I should be freaking out about, but I’ve come to grips that not even I can be a perfectly positive person 24/7. and that’s OK


Embrace Your Bad Mood

Seriously, don’t ignore your feelings by putting on a front for all to see. You’re only human. Admit you’re a hotheaded dragon ready to breathe fire on anyone you see on this bad day/week and let people know you’re sorry for any eyerolling, sarcastic, snappy thing that you might say/do. I’m not condoning any kind of negative behavior, I’m telling you to be real.

Break Stuff

Break a stick, break an old chair with a hammer, break a sweat, break the pavement with your Nike’s. Take your aggression outdoors and run it out until the only thing you can think about is why you ran so much in the first place. In a recent study, 55% of people were said to have a positive outcome on the release of healthy aggression.

You know what I do when I can’t shake the heat?!?! I grab my ‘motivation’ playlist on my iPod and hit the gym.

Get to it!!



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