Oh, World!

That is the only title I felt that fit my mood while writing this post. Here we are in a world filled bad news, horrific diseases and wishy-washy leaders. On the other hand, we have under-cover good news, cures for diseases and bright leadership in nutrition and wellness. It’s a two-way street, here! Lately, all I have been hearing about (as I assume you as well, wherever you come from) is the spread of Ebola, the push of vaccinations (with adults too!) and the FDA not allowing holistic medicine within the hospital to help heal and possibly cure awful diseases. This is driving me crazy!

I spoke to a woman that came in to my shop with her daughter. She looked absolutely beautiful, healthy and in shape. Then she told me that she had breast cancer and cured herself through holistic healing! She had a choice to go through chemo or completely change everything about her life, following a strict diet and regimen from a group of holistic healers in her area. Where are all of my other men and woman that are overcoming or overcame illness?!

Although I agree that doctors were here (in the very beginning) to help us, God gave us such beautiful herbs and flowers and tea that have been used for many centuries to cure and treat illness.

I would like to encourage everyone to get your story out there! Write a blog, get a group of like-minded people together for coffee, write to a newspaper, whatever you have to do to get your story of healing out and into the hands of discourage cancer patients and disgruntled doctors. The more people that ‘come out’, the more people will listen!

My testimony ? Overcoming asthma, allergies, strep throat and high blood pressure with herbs and teas and concoctions that have no deadly sides effects and are under $5!

My medicine cabinet ~

Immune tea, lavender, Pau D’ ARCO, gota kola, red raspberry leaf and green oolong.


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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

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