Why Social Media is Just Awesome

It feels so invigorating to write about something in the form of an opinion rather than a ‘fact’ based subject for work. Lately, I have seen so much hate towards social media. I get it, I really do. The mindless thumbing through Facebook and Instagram, feeling the need to check up on every conversation (or to comment, for hours). When you put all of that aside and look at the big picture: social media is really a great thing!

So, I have to decided to give the internet a hearty handshake and explain 3 ways that social media is a helpful and kind tool.

  1. Location – How many times a year do you travel to see loved ones, even if they live just a few hours within driving distance? Not often, I assume. Work, time, and money play a conflicting role in seeing loved ones, even on holidays. Facebook, for example, make it convenient to check on those you love, send a note, and ‘like’ a picture. So if you can’t get to little Johny’s sweet 16 on June 28th, you can see the photos from the memorable event right there on Facebook, instantly!

2) Inspiration – I don’t know about you, but I LOVE watching people grow. I am a people watcher, I love the interaction with one another, and the positive energy that floats from conversation to image. Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat are great examples of friends and strangers sharing their world with yours (and yours with theirs), inspiring while being inspired.

3) Business – Nowadays, the internet and social media are the way to connect with your colleagues, grow your business while attracting new clients. You can’t change that, sorry! It’s just the way to cookie has crumbled. So why don’t you use it to your best ability? Be the BEST at what you do and promote yourself and your services via social media. You can learn a lot about yourself, other like-mined individuals, and especially how you do business. Blog it!


Everything in moderation, of course. Not everything is worth a post, nor is everything worth your ‘two cents’. These are just a few of the reasons I feel social media is so awesome and so important! Don’t think you have to ‘give it up’ if you fall victim to the zombie text walker syndrome, just know your limits. Everything has a balance:)


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