Daughter of a Warrior

I am SO incredibly proud of my mother. Not only has she endured the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship, she is finally doing what she is supposed to be doing, and loving it. She has been a health NUT since I was born (over 30 years ago!) And i love her knowledge and influence. From concocting herbs to creating deliciously healthy cuisine, she’s hit the health food market in a whole new way!

And she makes the best vegetarian and vegan food in Fort Lauderdale!




And the Tea? Well, I’ll just wait ’till you come in and try it to hear your opinion…



Tummy ache? Stomach formula #1. Feeling PMSy? PMS formula 5. Or just come in and try our house blend tea!!! The house blend has edible mango, pineapple, strawberries, Marigold, and chrysanthemum.

Did I mention they are EDIBLE?!? Also, she ships! 7.50 an ounce plus shipping. That’s it!

See ya at the shop!!


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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

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