The work well has been pretty dry so I’ve taken on a couple of new hobbies!


I am no Martha, but I’m getting to be quite the crafty Cathy, & I plan to be selling and donating some handmade once this becomes second nature. This is quite the addictive sport, I’ll say. From sewing to crocheting, it is so mentally and physically relaxing and inspiring!


This little ensemble pulled my heartstrings. I fell in love with it! Originally, my intention was to make a tank top or a button up blouse, but it ended up being more of a pullover shirt. The color scheme and pattern was quite tricky to work with because there are only so many options. By the way, there should be an award given to people who can read and follow paper patterns. If you’ve ever sat down in front of one, you’ll know what I mean. Anyways, these shirts and items are far from done yet but I love the direction I am going.


This fabric was to be used as a role for the Renaissance Festival, but it was such an inexpensive material I thought I might practice on this first in a form of a shirt or pants instead of just diving into it. There are different types of paper patterns for different kinds of fabric, so read carefully before you buy the pattern package, because this pattern that I used was for knit/stretch material only. I made the mistake of buying cotton and the fit is not quite comfortable.


Okay this was my ultimate favorite! I got it at a relatively low price per yard! By the way, I would recommend practicing on inexpensive fabric per yard vs diving into the pattern that you really want, to avoid mistakes. So this fabric was just awesome to work with but unfortunately, again, I used the wrong pattern layout for this kind of material. I
I’m not quite finished with it but I’ll make it into something really cool.


Oh, & I make pillows 🙂 these are my very first pillows made with polyfil, it’s a cheaper version of stuffing. I prefer down feathers but that, of course, is a little expensive. The material I used was duck canvas and that, too, is quite expensive depending on the pattern. You can get some great deals at places like Walmart or outlet stores, or even Hobby Lobby. Did I mention that I work at Hobby Lobby? Haha since I spend so much time and so much money in that store I thought why the heck not get a part time job!? Plus I’ve never been happier! It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had:-)

More to come!



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