Be Still~

My morning rituals have always contained silent reflection, meditation, and conscious breathing, even after I had my son. I sat with my coffee, on my yoga mat, turned on my spa radio, and tuned out the world around me. My life as a mom, wife, and woman of three jobs are quite hectic if I don’t dedicate this time to myself.

The benefits of morning meditation –

According to a study through the NCBI, long term mediators have an increase of gray matter in the auditory and sensory cortex, meaning when you pay careful attention to your breathing, the sounds of your breath, and the present moment, your senses are enhanced.

Morning meditation brings forth a positive, healthy mindset, emotionally and physically.

Increases focus, memory retention, and helps ignore distractions.

When you take the time to meditate, you will experience better problem solving, decision making, and creative thinking.

You are building your immune system, conditioning your mind and body to worry less, learning acceptance of self, and learning to kick old habits such as smoking or binge eating.

You don’t have to be involved in a particular belief to enjoy and feel the benefits of deep meditation. I am a Jesus believing woman, and my morning meditations are filled with praise to God for His many blessings. There are no wrong ways to meditate unless your mind is wandering off with the stress of the day.

These daily stretch routines are ones I practice every morning, and are a gateway to better breathing, posture, and strength. Your chest is always open, allowing unrestricted breath to move freely, everything relaxed and focused on that path of the stretch (again, pardon the poor quality).



One of the most influential people in the meditative-healing world is Deepak Chopra. His breathing techniques helped me find a better pattern, and help me understand the importance of concentrated breathing.






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