Happiest Valentines ~ God is good

These last couple months have been a doozy, financially, especially living in an area that is a little higher priced than anywhere we have been. My work is starting to pick up but it’s very slow, & a lot of the weight is still on my husband.


This Valentines Day, we both had many special things planned, none of which actually worked out. And yesterday it hit us hard. In the midst of it all, we just melted, threw our hands in the air, and just went with the flow. Swain and I love tradition and holidays and celebrating, so it has been very stressful on both of us. After all of our plans took a major detour, we found ourselves in the most broken but beautiful place not only in our relationship but in our lives as parents and as husband and wife. So, we bought a cheap bottle of Chardonnay, went over to one of the healthiest spots in Fort Lauderdale, and had one of the best Valentines days that we both have ever had.


Since my mother owns a restaurant, and lives right on the inter-coastal, we were able to take advantage of this little hidden gem that brought us even closer together (PS. I made the black and white butterfly table cloth).



Not only did we have the best time of our lives, I got to spend it with my family as well. While my son was at my aunts house, my mom, sister, and my sisters boyfriend came out and brought us all sorts of goodies and the overall ambiance & feeling of love and acceptance and beauty was just all around us. It was magical! My point in this post is to say that God really showed us some major things in the midst of our angst and frustration. He is the one that managed to orchestrate the perfect setting for what we needed on valentines day, not anything that we planned. And that is the most amazing thing about God! He does what He does in His time, what He knows is best for His children.


In the perfect words of my beautiful husband, “God is good”.

All.the.time šŸ’ž


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