Embracing the Embrace

I have written at least 20-30 journals since the age of 12. There I was, in home Ec, first journal, leopard print, writing my heart out. The last one I bought was in 2013, when I first moved back to Florida. Time had changed my way of writing, my excitement for journalling, and my love for my surroundings. I chalked it up to marriage, a child, and simply experiencing life that had altered my views.


Today, I was that person again. That self that got lost in long drives, stopped at coffee shops at any point in time during the day, just to write my heart out. The wind and sun were so familiar and welcoming, that I took my son to the park. I embraced it, I wrote until I felt complete, then I gathered treasures ( it’s treasure hunt day, you know!).


It was my day to embrace my old self, nurture it back to health, and run wild with it again. By the way, I have new Crafty ideas that I will sharing as soon as I get them in one  piece.


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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

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