The Shirt

When I’m not writing, getting my hands dirty in clay, tearing down a unit for merchandising, waiting tables or customizing frames, dousing polyurethane on projects,  *deep breath* I am usually sewing my next fashion statement.

I’m obsessed. I’ve been dreaming about sewing, and unfortunately my neighbors wouldn’t take too kindly if I began finishing my shirt at 6am. I came home from work last night, was inspired to add lapels to  my almost-ready-to-wear garment, and at that point, time-wise, it was pushing it.


This dreamy ensemble is made from a cotton fabric with almost a paisley-arabesque pattern on a deeper shade of turquoise. I have had several yards of this stuff for months but never knew what I wanted to use it for. It was certainly better than a spring table runner or napkins. Finally, Thursday evening I crafted a pull-over blouse, which didn’t turn out anything like the way I had imagined, and I am very pleased with the results.




As you can see, it’s almost an oriental shape, a triangular tail and single-piece collar that follows the front opening with a tie.



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4 thoughts on “The Shirt”

  1. Nice! That’s a really interesting shape in the back. I’m also one who has to worry about waking up the neighbours with my sewing though it’s more late night than early morning…

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