When I’m having a blah day, I’m not allowed to have a blah day when I get to work. Sometimes I just don’t want to talk or help or be bothered, but Jesus is always present enough for me to see that, well, my attitude just won’t work for what He has planned.


A friend of mine posted this quote the other day. It didn’t hit me until later that evening. Even though I love where I work, it is still just that, especially to some people: a place where you work. I don’t have many bad days anymore, simply because, to me, they’re really just an interpretation of how I feel and what is projected. I am usually capable of extinguishing it fairly well, and coming up with a solution.

But every time I do this simple *retail* thing, I collect a chunk of people’s lives


These are just a few people I have had the pleasure of knowing. I walked them to their cars, exchanged hugs and tears, and spent hours helping them achieve what they are aiming. It may seem stupid, working at a craft store, and not many will understand the depths. I know that a question always turns into a life story, and I praise God that He chose me to be empathetic to this, every day. This is why, no matter how busy I am, I won’t give up retail. A hug, a smile, and an “oh my gosh that color looks great on you” will always be special to someone, and me.

Your feelings are real, and they are never too good for what God has. I hope that makes sense lol 🙂



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