Full Moon Frenzy

Someone back me on this ‘Full Moon Craziness’ because no matter what scientific research I find, it’s all debunked, but I feel that every full moon has something to do with the levels of water in the body. I love writing, and I couldn’t believe that the last two days of the is ‘full moon’, I had absolutely no inspiration, i was feeling depressed, and completely out of sorts.

I don’t care, I blame the moon! πŸ˜€ SO, I made a Moon Tea.


1 TSP if dried sage
2 TBS of dried Hibiscus flowers
2-4 chrysanthemum flowers

And it worked! I felt instantly relieved and revived, like my old self. I was able to articulate words, and put sentences together with energy and mindfulness. This doesn’t happen often, when I am experiencing a lot of frustration.


If anyone has any info or Insight on this particular, scientific,  full moon Behavior and the effects on the human body, please link it below !!!


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4 thoughts on “Full Moon Frenzy”

  1. You might like Moonlight White tea!

    It’s a Chinese white tea from Yunnan province, and the leaves are left to wither under the moonlight, and this longer withering time gives it a darker appearance, and some of the flavour characteristics of a black tea.

    It’s delicious!

  2. My own connection to the moon began this way, with just a noticing of subtle shifts in my emotions. The more you pay attention, the more you get in tune to the cycles of the moon. I’ve even experienced my menstrual cycles syncing up to the moon (starting it on the Full Moon) — pretty amazing. I think the more we connect to it, the more it shows itself! It’s one of those subjects which will always have a divided view, but I say follow your intuition! There are a kazillion books on Amazon… or if you want something faster, try doing a search on scribd.com. I believe you can read 3 free ebooks per month on that site? I just don’t think internet searches are enough to cover the scope of this one! Great idea for moon tea πŸ™‚

    1. I knew it! Thank you!! I know that I’ve spoken to some naturopath’s in the past and they’ve all stated scientifically, that the moon has a definite effect on the human body so I know there’s truth to it:D

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