Everything but..

If you told me that I would be moving in less than ten days, I’d fight you in on it. You would expect this week’s sudden shift to scare me but it’s not. If anything, I’m a big year drop, waltzing up and down the aisle at work, thinking, “this is the last Saturday I’ll be working here.”


Yep. Our 4 month plan has expedited to May 1, and we are having one heck of a sale this week. It couldn’t be more bittersweet as I pack, throw away, sell, clean. We prayed for guidance and were blessed with an unexpected choice so we took it. My aunt graciously welcomed us in for the remaining months so we can leave here unattached and caught up. I’m sure our itinerary will fluctuate but isn’t that definition of a nomad…


My morning meditative walks uncover the common reality and are more than just grounding. A sense of preparations shakes the hand of gratitude, so to speak. I’ve missed this feeling.

Yeah, it’s bittersweet. I’ll need to stock up on my yarn and material before I leave my work family.


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