It’s  been  quite  a week  but, as always,  we manage. Going from having a routine to being in the midst  of someone  else’ routine  is never that easy  but the good freaking thing is that  we got in touch with a homeowner  that would love to rent to us (down here) for when we come back. Traveling  will be absolutely  incredible, but getting ahead of the game while we get there is even better.


We got up early and went to breakfast at my mom’s shop, I worked a little bit. This is our entire goal is to get to a place where we can spend more time together instead of trying to make money to spend time together. What a conundrum!


Tonight I enjoy a glass of wine or 3 at my mom’s place as my husband and I and my son enjoy the elements. Since starting this new job I have been blessed to be able to work on my own, within the deadlines of course, but I can enjoy my family that much more. It’s such a blessing from the Lord that we are starting to see these blessings unfold. Namaste to you all! Have a blessed weekend!


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