Reignite, Respect, and Rethink

*WARNING* Lots of ‘inspirational’ quotes in this thread ~


So,  I’ve  been  expected to take on a whole new realm of work. It is demanding, it is trying, and sometimes just plain exhausting.

I scroll through Pinterest every night, trying to get inspiration from like-minded people. I try to find articles and interviews from famous writers that tell stories on how to keep and nurture a creative mindset.

To quote one of my all-time favorite people:

“.. I think creativity is really about opportunity and whatever you attach to it is ultimately going to be an impediment. So you’re standing in line at the 7/11 and you have a really great idea and you don’t think it’s important enough to write down or stop what you’re doing, you’re kind of sending a signal up to the universe where your priorities are. So when you say something like, ‘I like to be near water to be creative’, that might be a preference, but if at some point you think, ‘Here I am standing in the desert, how am I going to write this chapter?’, that’s you, that’s not divinity.” Billy Corgan during a 2015 interview. Side note: I had the pleasure of seeing  him live in plainsong *swoon* he’s still got it!


Some of it (the research) has worked, and some of it has not. Everybody is different, we all know that. We all have different ways of learning, getting creative, and finding solace. So, as I was gathering all of this information, and going through my own doubts of lacking creativity, I came up with some not-so-average ways to generate creativity and keep it going, whether you want to OR not.

Sip Wine

Yep. According to a study in 2012, a test confirmed that when one consumes a specific blood/alcohol level (.075), tasks were performed quickly and with sudden insight. I am going to follow this up with, all things in moderation, of course. In my recent observations, when I am stumped and I just can’t afford the time to be stumped, I sip red wine, and when I feel slight altered, my hands move across the keyboard like…

Sit by water

A good friend of mine saw my recent struggle as I enter the tea shop, in dire need of something to settle this restless feeling. “Go to the water. sit. Don’t think about a thing.” It seems simple, and it’s not as if I haven’t considered it (or have done it), but it just made sense. And it worked. Wherever you reside, a stream, a river, a lake, or an ocean are the perfect setting for a complete creative do-over. Let the trickling water take over!

Take a break

The best way to get back on track is get out of it completely. I have read and talked to many creatives, and their advice has helped me take a whole new look.

Read poetry
When in doubt, read what other genius writers were writing back in the day. From Robert Frost to Hemingway, you will be inspired by the raw and uninhibited emotion. OK so here I bring up my other love, Billy corgan, and his sensational book of poetry that has inspired me, ‘Blinking with Fists’

Read on, muses!
Read the Dictionary
No really, open a physical page or a page on the internet, and just pick random words. It will spark a creative balance that is ready to set fire to the flame of your next creation! There are so many words to discover!

Scramble it up

This is me. After several hours of squeezing creativity from my brain and getting nothing, somewhere during my move that last day in my condo, the wind was blowing, the palms were swaying and the mood was exciting. So I sat on the furniture and wrote. Switch it up! Change scenes and let your surroundings do the giving from now on.


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