No Ordinary Green Drink

Get rid of whatever green powder that takes up space in your cupboard and feast your eyes (and body!) on this.


91 major healing elements are blended to offer nutrients and vitamins that you may not be getting everyday. It is 100% vegan and has rare and organically grown herbs such as Luo Han Guo, Wakame, Eleuthero, Dunaliella Salina, sea fern, and much more. Ron Teeguarden, co-founder of Dragon Herbs, professional health practitioner and widely known herbalist since the early ’70s, has introduced various rare herbs and teas and how they are used and what are you used for. He has come up with this rich blend of herbs to rejuvenate the body and strengthen the soul. While he has an whole line of products and educational videos for your viewing pleasure, this one is a must-have in your home, your parents’ home, your teachers’ home, and, well, everybody’s home!

My husband and I take this on the daily, and it has helped our immune system, increase energy, healthy bowel movements (yum!), hair growth, and healthy pigmentation. Add it to smoothies, juice, milk, or just plain water!


We are so excited to start stocking our shelves, at Eat the Tea, with this miracle solution.

Stay tuned for more recipes and concoctions with this super tonic and many others that we will be introducing to our tea-family!!




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