No,  this isn’t some new-fangled exercise routine,  this is your go-to portable gym! 

Check out my article in the RR,  and then give it a go!

TRX: An innovative way to exercise:

The TRX is a universal fitness tool that should be in your daily routine especially when you’re traveling. You will never grow bored of exercise and you will be thrilled and empowered with the resluts that will increase each day you use it.

Be inspired!



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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

4 thoughts on “The TRX”

  1. Heyyy! hello!! I recently started training with TRX and I absolutely love it!!! Please , pleasee pleasee help me to achieve my results!!! I just started my blog and will be posting my progress . I have some pictures. If you could take a look and tell me what can I focus on…… Pleasee !=)

    1. Hey! Oh I am honored to help ya:D That is very sweet of you to ask! The TRX is so amazing at helping acheive the results one is looking for. Just FYI, your website link is not working. Maybe you entered it in wrong? Email me personally so we can chit-chat!:D

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