New Skin


Summer is officially here and so are all of the harmful chemicals that make up the sunscreen, those fun filled evenings of cocktails and late nights, and the Endless Summer Sun. You may be protecting yourself on the outside, but are you protecting yourself on the inside as well?

Here at Eat the Tea,  my mother blends special tea that specifically caters to the skin, hair, and nails. This is a combination of hibiscus, sea Buckthorn, calendula flowers, and rose hips.

This combination helps repair the Skins cells that may be damaged by the Sun and chemically ridden sunscreen by rejuvenating and replenishing with vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, and many other healthful benefits. It’s super delicious as an iced tea!!

Not only do we sell this youthful tea by the ounce and locally, we also ship worldwide. If you are not in the area, order 3 ounces of this tea and you get your fourth ounce for free 🙂


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