Oh no! Not another one of those, “BE THE CHANGE!” blog posts!

But seriously. I would like to hurl my laptop across the room for Facebook’s sake because I am so nauseated by the commentary, from both sides, about everything from political banter to police fanatical. Having an opinion is one thing, but pressing your opinion upon everyone else, constantly, drilling holes in the concrete that holds this nation together is quite another.

I hate to take this blog post off the beaten path, but I am choking on sadness and turmoil and hate. No one knows the hearts of people but the Almighty God himself, so we can judge a situation until He comes back but it will not solve a thing.

A friend of mine wrote, “Stop killing OUR people” (referring to black people). WE are the people! We are ALL loved by God and shouldn’t be looked at as a separate society or race of people. Hate will always exist, but it’s always being stroked by the media and catered to by the Facebook family.

“Pray for Dallas”, “Pray for Orlando”, and “Pray for Paris” mean nothing if we are just unaware of the real problems that make up this beautiful Earth. Prayer is a beautiful thing, but so wrongly misused today. Our eyes need to be open, and our Facebook needs to be closed, our heads need to be bowed. Where has our own good judgment gone? Where is our belief that good people just do really bad things (see killer, Son of Sam)?

Families still have to bury their loved ones, regardless of who’s right or wrong. From drug use to shootings, where is the love before it starts?

My close friend said this to me one time, “I can find at least 12 things in common with that homeless person right there.” We all ooze the same emotion.

My point for this? LOVE.

And love the heck out your life, family, the air you breathe, the first snow fall, the homeless man hovering over his empty dirty mug, and above all, God.

And pray. Be the peace, and pray ❤




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3 thoughts on “Oh no! Not another one of those, “BE THE CHANGE!” blog posts!”

  1. Amen! Seriously, the vague and opaque commentary of “pray for ___” and the memes of “faith,” “hope,” “love,” etc are literally vapor in the wind if they are not fruit being produced out of a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus. It’s all just baseless. What’s the point? Why bother? Seriously they need to stop taking up computer memory on Facebook’s servers. And then the politicizing, oh my gosh, please everyone stop. The root of the problem we have? Sin. Arrogance, pride, hate for our neighbors. Not Trump, not Clinton, not politics or the media. It’s sin. The solution is loving our neighbors as ourselves so as for them to see Jesus’ love for them in our words and actions, to see changed hearts. And then all these other issues will start to change permanently.

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