Go in ‘Time Out’!

I rarely write about opinions of philosophical reasoning, mainly because everyone’s take on ‘life’ is so different (because we ARE different). I just don’t like to assert myself in areas that I experience (without factual backing) because it’s just that – an experience. But this is merely a collective thought, and sometimes a pressing matter, for anyone in random walks of life, and I know at least 10 people can certainly relate. And I found an interesting theory.

Park hike
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Sometimes you have to let go of people, little or long while. Not because you don’t love or like them (or reversed), but because a shift has been made and you/they can no longer accept what each other has to offer (at that time). My friend calls it a ‘time-out’, which I thought was a brilliant way to put it. I have had several friends over the years that we had to put each other away for a while, ‘in time-out’. Sometimes your lives don’t mesh, you misunderstand them or they misunderstand you, and you both are too caught up in ‘it’ to put out the embers.  You both don’t ‘change’ per say, but there has been an unexplainable shift that can only be comforted by a time-out.


At 31 years old, I thought that I have overcome this, especially with a friend that is considered to be my ‘best’. As I tried, for weeks, to understand it, there really wasn’t anything to understand. It is just the way people are, we all are. I have learned not to put stock into any relationship, because of such twists and turns, but to love regardless, and accept what has changed.


So, do you become hard-up or a soft shell?

Neither! When you realize that ‘people are people’ and all fall short of that pedestal that you have each other on, you part with acceptance, and wait for the train to bring you back together in the future. You shake the dust of memories, remain yourself at all times, and stop trying to figure out a philosophical reason why these things happen. Because sometimes, we all just need a freaking time out! 😀





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