I’ve got a Bone to Pick with You..

Ok..if I get any more cliché I will probably start writing children’s books🙌 
So, I want to talk, briefly, about the beneficial facts behind bone broth.

A long lost culinary art that families used centuries ago. I was quite disappointed with the recent articles I’ve pulled up because they don’t give bone broth enough healing credit!

  1. Supports Hair, Skin, and nails
  2. Provides amino acids for collagen production
  3. Aids in healthy gut and immune health
  4. Easily absorbed by the body

According to this study on chicken soup, you will see why traditional chicken soup is a go-to staple when you fall ill. 

Bone broth tastes amazing on its own too, as I often choose to consume it. The best part is that my vegetarian husband loves the flavor! 


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