As the hue of the day sets in, the warm rain falls, puissant, and Indefatigable, in a misty haze, I realize that I will certainly miss the tropical rain falls. Somehow, every time I am slammed with work, the weather changes, drastically, a DAY beforehand, and lasts until I’m through. I’ve noticed this pattern when I need to get in the creative mode. I noticed it two days ago on my walk. The clouds were shifting, layering, and the wind was Assuring the storm in. It’s funny because I think my career is shape shifting everything around me exclamation point it’s an odd thing to describe. 

I love this quote so much. Because it defines a lot of what people are pressed to do. Instead of focusing on something that you love and honing in on it, or maybe there are 10 different things you love, you do something that you don’t like or Maybe it’s out of habit. And the burnout phase sets in. 

And then my work will dry up and I will often think about the reasoning why and thought it a setback. When I know that that is the Lord’s way of strengthening me in that area without being completely burnt out. A blessing in disguise!

A little Friday Faith going in here;) encouragement is always necessary. Encouraging yourself is vital!

Have a blessed Friday!!


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