Motivation for the Monday Blues



I just can’t get used to the idea that Monday is automatically a bummer. Whether you work the 9-5 for the Boss, or you’re your own boss, it’s still a day to be praised and noted as just another day to accomplish something. As a struggling yet hardworking entrepreneur, I LOVE when Monday’s roll around because it’s a chance to get in touch with clients and claim work. Before my big career change, I was a Clinique cosmetic consultant. Long hours, rude customers, and nasty employees made my work day! But I used to do small things that would pass the time, make it more productive, and meet some amazing people along the way.

If you happen to be in the 9-5, Monday through Friday routine, you will love these simple and effective ways to positively pass the time. Because you are more than just a slave of your work;)

Bring your favorite food – chocolate, raisins, nuts, and berries are all the perfect energy building and stress-relieving snack to chow down on throughout the day. Antioxidant and exotic dried fruit such a longan and goji berries and dried seaweed are a perfect example of giving your body a positive mood change. Have them in your pocket at all times.

Your favorite jacket – windbreaker jacket, sweater-jacket, or anything that is lightweight enough to be work-appropriate but is easily comfortable and soothing. It’s like having your favorite teddy bear at work:) And it perfect for hiding those positive mood-enhancing snacks!

Tea time! – Always, always, ALWAYS have a (non-bleach) ready-made bag of tea on hand. The best part of my day would be refilling that mug of delicious green tea. My go-to staples are sencha matcha green, earl gray, and hibiscus.

Oil it up – My absolute favorite is my essential oils. Lavender, eucalyptus, Frankincense, Vetiver, and Stress Away are all a part of my daily workflow and make for such an easy and stressless day. I dab a few drops of desired oil on my temples, wrists, collarbone and top of my head for the best results. By the way, as my birth month gift to you during this month only, I will be gifting a special treat when you order your first premium Young Living kit. Contact me!

Stone Therapy – Whether you’re into stones for spiritual purposes or you’re like me and love to have them because you recognize the science-backed healing benefits of certain stones, put a stone in your pocket. Amethysts, Amber, Copper, Argonite, and much more are soothing and inspiring. I would keep one kind in both pockets and grip it tight when needed.


Have an amazing week, and don’t forget to work on your goal:) Because you are more than a behind-the-desk/counter kinda folk ; ) : D





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