5 Steps to Better Writing

Are you a writer? I mean, a full-time, paid, gritting-your-teeth-through-projects-to-meet -deadlines kinda writer? That’s me. And if you have a tiny attention span combine with an overactive production of creativity that leaves you with overkill or nothing at all, you need these 5 steps to help your brain breathe.


Learn New Words

Read the dictionary…a lot.I’ve noticed a YUGE (ha!) difference in my thinking and speaking. I would pick just one letter a week and read through each word that I didn’t know and find out how I could incorporate them into my work or blogs or poetry. It became second nature for me to fluently use words I have never used before. Works like a charm!

Ask for Feedback

Always ask your editors, not the clients (if they aren’t writers themselves, they just won’t understand), how you’re doing, what they would do differently, and how you can improve. Most of the time, they will correct it for you, with little or no feedback, unless it’s something a little more in-depth. You still want to ask because you take your writing seriously and you want thorough communication. This allows you and the editor to get to know each other a little better.

Read others’ Work

Always, always, always read other writers’ work. Pick up a magazine, any magazine, and read through the articles. Grab a local ‘zine at the grocery store or even read some great historical literature. Anything to keep your mind flowing. True writers feel an emotional connection to each piece of writing, whether they have little or nothing in common with the subject itself.

Say it Aloud

Well, not literally…ok maybe if you are in the car (I wear an earpiece while I’m driving as I do this so no one thinks I’m crazy:D Although now that I admitted this I feel a little senseless lol). Make up stories and scenarios or commercials about products or what you see and say it out loud. Hearing yourself talk is a beautiful and connective way to get to know the writer in you. I usually play my Sirius XM radio SPA station in my car, and take a nice drive and let the music provoke those vivid ‘writer feels’.

Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing….

No-brainer here, folks. Just keep on truckin’. Your inner writer needs a break from the day-to-day client stuff, and writing poetry, keeping with forums, blogging (kinda like what I’m doing now), and ink to paper will give you a break while keeping things fresh.


So, comment below and tell me what you guys do to stay in the writer mode?






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