We are finally settled,  guys!  It only took us since May but we did it!  And not without the help from Jesus Christ. He paved this incredibly, magical way. We left NY on November 1, and for three gruesome, unorganized weeks, hopped from hotel to motel, to inn, trying to solidify a place to stay but no one was biting. We had our heart set on a specific place, but God had even better for us, apparently. We were never expecting what was to come, only planned the way we thought and prepared for. 

I am still crying when I think of what God did for me and my little family through this stranger who offered us his winter rental in a place we didn’t dream of looking because of the cost of living. It was like we had known him for 20 years, just comfortable and understanding that we were just trying to make a living in a new town. 

We have a big upper deck that over looks a quiet and peaceful forest. And just a mile down our same road,  the ocean. 

Just thought I’d share our journey as we head into the winter solstice ❄ 


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