Is it Thursday Already?

Good morning! I just moved in and haven’t stopped working and normally do not have time for blogging in the morning lately but I am waiting on a client so I wanted to share what this Christmas will be about this year.

In exactly two weeks and three days, Christmas will be here. This year, though, it’s very different from our past Christmas’ because of what we have around us; a field full of thick birch and pine, holly. This may not seem like much to those that see it every day, but from my standpoint, it’s a Candyland. I have my yoga studio no more than 100 ft from my house. And the best part about this Christmas gift-giving is that everything we need (gift wise) is local. We walked around from shop to shop last weekend and realized that Amazon, Toys-R-Us, and WalMart do not need any more of our money. What’s even more exciting, is that we  – meaning I – have decided to make a stool and toy box for Eli this year. With the help of hubs, we walked straight back in our woodsy yard and took some not-yet-rotting wood and then had to cut a birch ourselves to sand, stain, and preserve all before Christmas morning!


So this year, shopping local and hand-making personal gifts it is. And I am so inspired by everything that is living and breathing around me, that my world, as I know, it has completely flipped. I will be posting progress pictures once I have all the details for our wood table and toy box. ❤




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