Orange you GLAD you found this blog?

Kinda cheesy, but very relevant. How are you holding up in the cold so far? If you’re a sunshine kid like myself, you crave every ounce of vitamin D, even if you’re pining by the window for it! These winter days can get pretty gloomy, especially in the January/February times (in Maine, we call this Serenity season. pretty cool, huh?!). But finding serenity during these cold, bitter months can get tough. While most of you are looking forward to brighter, sunnier days, there’s an oil that you will want to have on hand at all times.



Talk about jam-packed with impurities! This bottle will help ease your way through this season, no problem. Not only mentally, but physically give you back the nutrients that could be lacking.

So, why is it important to use? Why can’t I just go to the store, buy a bunch of fruit and veggies with the same nutrients, and get it that way? You absolutely can! But what about those busy work days  and school days, up all day, late nights? What if you’re snowed in? or it’s just too cold to get up and go? Wouldn’t you want to have a quick supplement ready at your disposal? I know I would! And the best part of this is I have 5 Orange Vitality oils available for the first 5 new members, FREE with your Premium Starter Kit (my member # is 3028864) purchase as a holiday promo. Along with the other goodies that are gifted to you for your wholeness and wellbeing this season:) So, that’s 13 oils, a handmade oil carrying case, Winter Solstice (seasonal collection of wellness teas), and a diffuser necklace for $160! Contact me as soon as you sign up so I can introduce you to your new ‘oily’ family and send you information on your oils!


be well ❤


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