Mindful Meditation

Good morning~ I am like a kid looking for Christmas as I wait for my oils to get here today. Every day I’m scoping out FedEx to see where it’s at. But today IS the day I get my early Christmas gift. and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Since we’ve been in New England, the sun has been scarce. I shouldn’t have this much trouble dealing with the lack of sun, but I do. And apparently, everyone lacks their vitamin D here in Maine. So lately, I have been getting my ions and sun-time from the rocky coastline in a town just 5 miles out from our home. It’s a rather reserved site that occupies marine life. This has become my go-to spot simply because I can quietly disconnect to genuflect. Lately, I have been cooped up with work. If I am not physically going to work, I am working from home, and it gets monotonous over time. I forget how easily it is for me to drive to the ocean and sit and breathe. With my oils. My husband snagged these two luscious pictures, the left is me in deep breathing meditation.

And literally right after I wrote that last sentence, the mail man knocks on my door with my oils 🙂

I now have Panaway in the diffuser, cinnamon in my whipped coffee, and ambient sounds echoing from my computer.


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