Mediate to Medicate

Let’s talk about meditation. What a crazy Christmas week, eh? Aside from working, are any of you getting ready to par-tay on NYE? You can bet we are! Jammie party, some homemade wassail, and snacks….at home!

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? Meditation comes in many forms;

Deep breathing

Humming softly



But are you using these forms to center yourself, even through the busy holidays? I recently learned that my best friend is on a very harsh medication, that she knows is detrimental to her health in the long run. Well, I am supportive. Because who wants a know-it-all telling you something you already know? I don’t! The problem is when we don’t recognize what’s going on in our minds that inhibits our bodies to heal:

Our work: love it or hate it, are you aware of what you do and are changing what you don’t like?

Our play: what are you doing with your free time, away from friends, work, and family, just for yourself?

Our geographical living space – whether you’re a family of 5 or rockin’ it solo, you need to be happy in the space where you live, not stay in one place because of others around you or your job.

Our peers – both positive and negative people can get on your nerves…you have the negative Nancy’s that always complain about something and then you have the positive Peggy’s that don’t ever want to hear about real issues. A balance of pleasant and understanding people is what heals.

Beginning to Flourish

Meditation isn’t difficult, it’s practice. And anyone anywhere can do it. When I first began meditating, I used guided meditation and beginner guides to keep me on track. It’s training your mind to be still, focus on you, and appreciate the seconds that lie before you.


It’ll will never come easy but it will become easier to fit into your day once you feel its posistve mindful affects.


See you next year!!!



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