3 Fitness Favorites

It’s that time of year to throw your old thought pattern away and develop a strategy that will encourage you and send positive signals into your body. Fitness and feeling great is much more than appearance; it all starts with a healthy habit and mindset, and I am loving the fact that I am not the only one to blog about how incredible it feels to reach a health goal, no matter what your goal is! Mine will be getting back to my pre-mom body, and until I do, I know that I will not be satisfied! Some things have change drastically since our move and I want to encourage you to ‘move’ in a direction towards your goals to experience that drastic and healthy change also. So, let’s talk about the 3 fitness tools that you will need for your healthy journey to happines.

When I am not going to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, I am usually on Amazon poking around for new fitness stuff. This is one that is a must-have when you’re gearing up for your change. The stability ball offers a slew of challenging exercise that increase all-over body strength. You can pick one up relatively inexpensive but you do want one made from anti-slip and anti-burst materials._35

Next, you will need to get used to the flavor of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. If you’re already familiar with the stuff, you’re probably already cringing but this super healing liquid knows how to knock the toxins right out. You can dilute in honey and lemon water or take a straight shot if you chose to get it down in one gulp, but make sure you incorporate it into your daily regimen like you would brushing your teeth or breathing. ACV kills bacteria, aids in healthy bowel movements, and provides recommended dosages of probiotics in each serving. So, you’ll live through it, I promise 😉


Garlic is great for warding off the vamps…..or a potential date….or anyone for that matter:) But it has incredible benefits and you need this element in your diet. Garlic is an anti-inflammatory food, it improves blood flow to the heart, and kills cancer…yep, I said it, Garlic kills cancer and evidence can be found here. If you haven’t heard of Chris Beat Cancer, he is one that you must check out! His cancer testimony is tear-jerking and inspirational. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties help you lose weight! Hubs and I take 3 medium cloves, chopped up and swallowed with a chaser of honey each night. In the morning, shower and scrub clean to rid the odor. All set for the day and without the stink of garlic:)


Well, that’s it for now! I didn’t want to overwhelm you so get crackin’ on these bad boys and tell me how you do! If you have any questions, drop me an email!


Happy Health Year!!!




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