Pinch me…

Am I actually sitting down to my computer, not to work, but to write ?!

It’s been quite the busy past couple of weeks. And it’s not over yet. And I’m getting over that run-down cold that we all love so much. I think I have mentioned that I don’t look forward to the weekends much. For me, the weekends kind of put everything on a halt- clients disappear, everyone’s in weekend mode- and I personally don’t feel productive. My breaks aren’t a specific day, rather a moment or two of my days.

Wells, Maine

But it feels spectacular to sit down without a deadline waiting in my inbox. I haven’t made the time nor have I felt like making the time to write lately because the mounds of work that pile up. Again, grateful. Here are some elements of creativity that I have incorporated into my weekly routine to stay on track, balance the mind, and get work done, productively:

  1. Bubble Bathing

Take a bubble bath. Yep, pretend like you’re 5 years old again and fill the tub with sudsy playful memories and soak it all up.  I use Purification or Grapefruit EO and the clean, fresh aroma enhances the child-like senses. You don’t even notice the relaxation setting in.

2) Read

I can’t stress it enough how invigorating, inspiring, and enlightening it is to pick up a book, any book, and just read. It doesn’t even have to be a book that you’re familiar with. I love to browse the children’s section at the library and find something that I can get lost in without having to concentrate too hard. Right now, I am currently reading On Writer’s Block – A New Approach to Creativity by Victoria Nelson. Something she wrote really stood out to me and healed my outlook on my own lacking. She writes,

..To function as a writer, one must, above all, love and honor one’s creative force, which can be pictured- in what has become a persuasive metaphor in our era- as a kind of childlike spirit.”

She continues to talk about the block as being a form of entity and that all of us creative beings need be gentle and respectful of its presence. ”

We must not keep it chained up in a dark closet or force it to perform a never-ending routine of distasteful chores. We must let it out to play, as all children desire to do; we must let it follow, with loving nonintrusive guidance, its own inclinations.”

I love her breakdown with this. And she continues to go into depth with the importance of mental/emotional/physical ‘playtime’.

So, reading is BIG deal in order to stay creative and motivated and make use of your time.

3) Oil yourself

Oils! Always use your oils. Us working woman need constant reminders of how hard we’re working and how this had work will pay off and oils like Frankincense, Joy, and Stress Away are little angels on your shoulders giving you that gentle reminder each time you need it. I am biased when it comes to these influential fairies in oil form. I chose Frankincense because of the healing and nurturing properties that help me throughout the busy long days.


Would you like to win a FREE bottle of Young Living oil? In the comments below, tell me if you’ve ever used oils and what’s your favorite oil!!




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