Standing still 

No one is moving from the homestead today as we prepare for what is said to be the biggest 2017 blizzard to hit New England. And I am very excited. I went out and bought super cheap Hanes sweats so my work day was exceptionally comfortable. We live 50 feet from a market/cafe and Swain just stocked up on our fine cheese and wine for this evening. I have so much work to do today, that I am grateful to stay home and be surround with such lively beauty. After each client project, I take a break to shovel the deck. It’s relaxing! 

Later when it gets raw and windy and visibility is at a minimum, we are all going to play in the snow. As the snow gathers around my window, clings to the screen, and drifts in all kinds of directions, I tear up with gratefulness and thankfulness to Jesus who gave us something even better than we ever planned. New England get’s a different kind of snow storm, unlike the southern parts of the north where we’re from (Ohio, NY). Since we’re nestled on the coastline, tucked along the bay as well, we get hit with some intense storms, they say. And it’s not letting up!

To all who never gave up on what you truly wanted,  what passion and love has driven you all of these years to,  your goals. You’re doing it,  and you’re getting there,  much like myself. With hard work and no taking breaks from the worlds reality. You face it,  you give a smile,  and run head first into it. 




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