What a gentle reminder about a loving, powerful God. He holds our future, our past, and present and shapes us uniquely different and sprinkles us out into the world to BLESS and LOVE others. I hope you are experiencing the love and abundance of God today on this bright and sunny Sunday!

Great ways to connect with Him:

  1. Quiet time –

Savasana is one of my favorite yoga poses for experiencing true relaxation and stillness with God. This pose possesses no great particular strategy other than allowing your body to be completely limp while connecting to the ground and the quiet surroundings. Practice at least 5 minutes of uninterrupted stillness to achieve the grounding oneness.

2. Sun Bathe –

Beside your frosty window sill or outside on these unusually warm February days, you can experience the benefits of the sun just about anywhere that it sheds its light. You can even experience a slight tan while you’re soaking up the vitamin D and meditating on His goodness 🙂

3. Walk –

Simple and free, walking offers cardiovascular benefits by improving blood flow to your heart.  Your 20 minutes a day can be more than just slipping in and out of a dream state with your tunes blaring in your ears; pay close attention to Gods simplistic yet majestic creations. I know I have to remind myself that it’s not just a 2 mile run for me, it’s about praising and thanking God for His creations!





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