Mompreneurs in March

Hello, all you hard working women. The mompreneurs that make it work while they work and feed babies and cart children to dance class. Take a moment (or mom-ent) to reflect on your hard earnings and what you would want to see occur differently in your lives. Even us stay-at-home-moms are pressed for deadlines, and often neglect our very well-being to ‘get the job done right and on time’.

Sacred Mountain is for you. It is your lifeline and connector to a focused and grounding clarity that centers you. You are instantly empowered by its naturalistic sanctity. 

Most of the time, I leave the bottle open on my desk while I work and the scent just permeates the room. I find that it encourages productive thinking and mindfulness, unlike anything I have encountered.

So, this month, you Wonderful Woman will get a free bottle of Sacred Mountain with your premium kit through me. You deserve to feel empowered and strong and that is what this oil represents. Super simple, just go here and enter the code 3028864. You will instantly be prompted to choose your premium kit and I will send a welcome letter shortly after.

And for our northerners, don’t miss our Spring Serenade Retreat this April (once the weather warms up). The first person that orders a premium starter kit will win a two night stay in our newly renovated cozy living quarters on a lush and gorgeous landscape during the Spring Serenade event the next day (details to come). An event that will force you to be relaxed and comforted. And yes, bring a friend for free!




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