5 Kitchen Essentials

Pretty basic post for a healthy and not-so-basic lifestyle!
If you’re like me and love to make EVERYTHING from scratch from toothpaste to potatoes chips, then you need these 5 time and money saving utensils to get the job done right.


Everyone LOVES chips, but not the over-processed junk that come that come with. That’s why the dehydrator was born. You can spice it up or leave it plain, layer each tray with your favorite fruit and veggie, even deer meat or beef and use your own wholesome and nutritious seasoning, chemical free. I have turnips and rutabagas that I slice thin and sprinkle with sea salt for a super nutritious snack at work.

Food Extractor

I am not talking about a blender, although there some major powerful (and expensive) blenders out there. And I have used my fare share of super-power blenders. But I have to stand by the Nutribullet  because of the powerful effect of each fruit and vegetable that it extracts. I primarily use kale, blueberries, bananas, wheatgrass, turmeric, and flax because the combo reacts to the fatigue in my body (when I work too much and need that extra boost) and I notice an instant lift in my blood sugar and energy. Just a little something that I have noticed when I compare the bullet to a blender.


Whether you get the Veggetti Pro or a counter mount spiralizer, you need one of these! It was the best $15 we’ve ever spent because you can spiral just about any fruit and veggie and reap the health benefits too. we were sick of sliced beets, especially raw, so we spiralize them and throw them in a pan to simmer. Easy meals done healthier and creatively!


To get the right cut on your fruits and veggies, get a mandoline. This tool can make your kitchen prep a whole lot easier. But I would invest in one from a well-known manufacturer such as William and Sonoma. Since you will find them for as low as $9.99, my experience is that they break easily and have less of a life span than one you would find at a specialty store.


Always well-worth the investment because you can almost guarantee to make a few soups during the year. You may think that the stove-top pan will suffice, and it will, but you will also be using a bit more energy and taking up stove space. Your crockpot is set on your desired temperature while it sits off in the corner and does its thang.


These tools are easy to obtained and can save you money on the foods that you love. You will experience more home-cooked meals that are healthier and satisfying every night!







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