Maybe it’s Maybelline…or Maybe it’s Earth Made!

Earthly Cosmetics - Make-up for your soul

Last night, I had some time to put all of my creative juices to work. It was time to make time to get started on a project that I had been planning on for months: homemade cosmetics! This is my own concoction based on my skin tone, preference in texture, and pigmentation. I can’t believe how easy it is to whip up something so fresh and allergy-free that we SHOULD be using on our bodies.

Earthly Cosmetics - Make-up for your soul(1)

So, after you’ve sliced, spread the beets and sweet potatoes evenly on your baking sheet, set the oven to 450. Dehydrators pretty much set themselves so all you have to do is lie them evenly on the trays. While I would love to give you a specific time that they will be thoroughly cooked, every oven is different so periodically check them. They should be in chip-like form when they’re ready!

Next, put them (individually) in your grinder or blender until it becomes powder. Then add your desired essential for a rejuvenatingly even glow.  Tea tree and lavender are healthful choices for your face. The arrowroot powder gives a smoother, clump-free texture while toning down the color.

It will take a few batches to get used to perfecting it the way you want. When I used the beetroot for blush and lip tint, I was floored as to how even and natural and FULL my face felt versus using generic store-bought powders.

I will post pictures when I get dolled up and paint my face 😀





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