From Work to Freedom: 3 Essentials to Jump-Start your Passion

As I sat down with my coffee to do some more projects for the coming weeks, I stopped to collect my thoughts and my ‘office’ caught my attention- my lush green backyard, crows and shady maples overhead, and the smell of my husband cooking lunch-I was reminded why I work (and have worked) so hard to get to do this, work from home.


I remember reading blog after blog from influential woman, offering tips and advice on how to live a successful work-at-home-life. Much like why you’ve stumbled upon this blog, my need to advance my passion grew and grew. And without these success stories stemming from all over the globe, I question if I would be here making it happen. Since every one person is completely different, we take a bulk of our seasoned mentors’ advice and sprinkle it throughout our daily lives.

So, I have my 3 ways to go from a career you’re not happy with to a blossoming entrepreneurship.

  1. Think Small – Plan, Prepare, Perfect.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with logistics, payroll, and the money and time you’ll put in. Whether you’re a freelance writer, maid service, baby-sitter, or travel nurse, start with a plan. Grab a pen and paper and start with what you WANT to achieve and how you can make that happen. Then, prepare each day according to that plan, achieving your goal of perfecting that plan. And if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take yourself back to your piece of paper with your plan.


2) Google

Nowadays, you can almost bet that any kind of assistance pertaining to your career choice will be on the web. Set a small time aside after dinner, when the kids are in bed, or while you’re in bed to google everything about your career choice. Studies have shown that when you read at night, you’re improving your cognitive function and you can actually get a better nights rest, taking the focus off your daily stressors and setting your mind at ease. The magnificent works of literary geniuses can be found at your local library too, so don’t forget to let go of the digital grip every now and then.

3) Work, While you Work

For instances whether your side job is your main income or you might be on the cusp of meeting your financial needs, this strategy comes in handy. If you still have a job outside of your blossoming career choice, continue to use it to your advantage. While I will never suggest compromising your job, however, if you are there for 7 hours and you have downtime, this is a great time reevaluate your plans, goals, and projects. Sometimes, I have to fill in for a local hotel when there isn’t any reliable coverage. So, knowing that I have to be there for 8 straight hours, I bring my notebook, book to read, and have a list of things I can do on the down time.



Lastly, free yourself from the idea that you need to be occupied/busy all the time. Focus on taking a mentally-stimulated break, especially when you have children. No matter what your career path of choice is, these simple steps can allow for easier transition.

Leave your comments on your 3 ways that work/have worked for you! I love seeing everyone’s answers:)






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