No Limit Soldiers

Am I bringing everyone back to the early 2000’s with that header?:)

Insterestingly enough and as bad as I wanted to, I coudn’t think of a better title. Because when it comes to transformation in your carreer/life, you need to throw away your limits, become solidiers in the midst of the ‘war on work’, and survive the way that God naturally intended – to live with a purpose.



I wholeheartedly believe that each one of you were meant for more. From every song on the radio to every poet in history, they too, feel the need to become a purpose-filled entity.

Whethere you are  a believer in Jesus or not, your life is much more than you think. I was considering my very own work-life this morning. My husband and I work part time for jobs we absolutley love. I also work from home so the need to work elsewhere is unneccessary. But we do because we love being a part of this gorgous town and all of the people that make it what it is.


Let’s wrap up this weekend with a kiss blown to next week. Here is your assignent for this weekend:

  1. Write down your passion: it could be own a clothing store, becoming the next wedding planner, own your own plumbing company. Jot it down. Sing about it. Dance about it.
  2. Breathe life to that passion: Start by Googling the heck out it, find out how you can start. From YouTube to entrepreneurs who started just like you, you will surprised how far you can go- for free!
  3. Get your feet wet: If you have an education in this choice or you have the finances to take a class, by all means. But for those of use that can’t keep up with their phone bills each month, start by offering complimentary services for that experience. You can offer a free hair for back-to-school kids for a local program in your town. Offering your service for free or barter will open up many doors at a rapid pace, especially if you know what you’re doing.
  4. Take advice from those who have mastered your passion. These people can be plumbers for over 40 years, education directors, coffee shop owners, whoever. As long as you are learning from the best, you’ll enherit the rest!


In conclusion, I believe from the depths of my heart that if we all did what we enjoyed doing, got back to the basics of living, we would be happy. It wasn’t easy for me. It is still tough at times but because my passion drove my heart to want what’s best, I knew that I couldn’t give up. We are all a part of this exceptionally large comunity of simplistic people. Let’s break away from the cubical mentally 🙂

In the comments below, I want to invite all of my successful or beginner entrepreneurs to share their experience in their craft and work like:)




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